Why Choose the Healthcare Fraud Law Group?

  • The Healthcare Fraud Group is headed by Jamie Bennett, who is one of the most experienced FCA lawyers in the country. She is routinely consulted by other experienced lawyers about how to best approach the complex questions that arise in this practice area. In fact, Ms. Bennett is hired as an expert in the FCA , the Stark Law, and the Anti-kickback Statute by other lawyers. Ms. Bennett also teaches other lawyers through her nationwide speaking engagements, about how to handle various issues that arise under the FCA.

  • Ms. Bennett has fifteen years of experience in every aspect of the False Claims Act from investigating cases when she was an Assistant United States Attorney in Maryland, to trying FCA cases before a jury, to representing dozens of relators in whistleblower and whistleblower retaliation cases.

  • The Healthcare Fraud Law Group has substantial experience navigating complex healthcare laws and regulations and understanding the regulatory environment of today’s healthcare world.

  • We may be small, but we have the power of many. Through our connections, we have access to some of the best legal talent in the country, and we team up where necessary with other firms to provide you with the best representation possible.

  • We get results. While statistics collected by the Taxpayers Against Fraud and other organizations show that only about 5% of declined qui tams, for example, are successful, our average rate of success is much higher.

  • The Healthcare Fraud Group is selective. Because we are small, we do not have to handle cases on a volume basis. We take only a small number of cases at any given time, and so Ms. Bennett and Mr. Shepard have time to give each case their personal attention.

  • We promise that we will keep you in the loop about the progress of your case and update you immediately when there are new developments.

  • We promise to give you honest and thorough advice about the strength and weaknesses of your case and to discuss options with you to further strengthen the case before it is filed. To make this possible, we frequently team up with investigators who are experienced in healthcare and financial fraud to add details and depth to your case so it is presented to the government in the strongest light possible.

  • We are capable of litigating declined qui tam cases under the right circumstances, and with the right set of facts. Because we are not afraid to proceed where the government declines to intervene, we can provide a candid and complete investigation of the pros and the cons of moving forward with a case without the government.

  • We have substantial additional expertise in computer and data technology at our fingertips. We can find our way easily through the maze of a defendant’s electronic databases to discover the evidence needed to support your case. Mr. Shepard has taught classes on electronic discovery and he knows how to find data and documents that other lawyers cannot.

  • We are affordable. While many whistleblower law firms require large contingency fees, because our firm is small, our fees are tailored to fit the circumstances of each individual case.

  • We are discreet. We will not discuss or disclose anything you tell us in confidence to anyone without your express approval and consent. The decision whether, and how, to go forward with your whistleblower complaint remains in your hands at all times.
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