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Health care fraud in the United States is a major problem. Some experts, including a former head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs the Medicare program, estimate that it may cost the taxpayers $100 billion per year. Yes, you read that correctly. That is a “b” as in billions -- not millions. Healthcare fraud occurs in every facet of the health care system – in physicians’ offices, in pharmaceutical and device companies and in hospitals. While healthcare fraud happens everywhere, there are states that have more healthcare fraud than others – Georgia, Florida, Texas, New York California, Ohio and Kentucky. All of those states have state FCAs which permits the recovery of Medicaid funds, and in all of those states, Medicare funds that are lost to fraud can be recovered under the federal False Claims Act.

What can you do if you have evidence that a physician [click here for more information about fraud by individual physicians], hospital [click here to learn more about fraud committed by hospitals] or pharmaceutical or medical device company [click here to read more about pharma or medical device fraud] is committing fraud? The federal False Claims Act (“FCA”) permits individuals to report fraud by filing a lawsuit “in the name of” the United States to recover funds lost to fraud. Under the FCA, a plaintiff who helps the government recover money stolen by fraud is entitled to an award, up to 25% of the amount recovered. Most states have adopted state FCAs that permit the recovery of Medicaid money and also provides for an award to the plaintiff. But before you take the step of reporting fraud, you should talk to an experienced Ann Arundel County healthcare fraud lawyer, who understands the complexity of the healthcare statute and regulations, someone who can evaluate your case and advise you on whether, and how, to report the fraud you have witnessed.

Healthcare Fraud Lawyers

Making a decision to report fraud is a daunting process. Our healthcare fraud lawyers, Jamie Bennett and Ray Shepard, have over fifty years of experience in health care fraud to help you decide whether, and how, to report fraud. Both of them are former federal prosecutors, who have prosecuted physicians and hospitals who have defrauded the Medicare and Medicaid programs. They understand and can help you navigate the complex healthcare system, to determine whether you have a strong case of fraud. Both Ms. Bennett and Mr. Shepard have experience working with government attorneys and agents to uncover fraud. And both Ms. Bennet and Mr. Shepard have litigated FCA cases against defendants, when the government has decided not to pursue those cases. This is the experience that you need to insure that your fraud case is handled correctly, so that you will obtain the best result possible for you as a whistleblower. Our ss. Our Ann Arundel County healthcare fraud attorneys understand how to make good cases better – by employing an experienced team of investigators and analysts to strengthen the case you bring to us. And, we affiliate with other experienced attorneys across the country, to put together the best team possible to represent and protect our clients.

While the cost of health care fraud in dollars to the taxpayers is a major concern, healthcare fraud is not a victimless crime. Health care fraud has real costs that go beyond money. Patients may be subjected to unnecessary procedures, take medications or use medical devices that are of questionable effectiveness, or have their doctors make judgments based not upon what is best for the patient, but what is best for the doctor’s pocketbook. Doctors may order procedures, or prescribe treatment, based upon how much they are being paid in the form of kickbacks or excessive compensation from an institutional provider, such as a hospital, who wants the physician to refer patients for costly procedures. The harm to these victims is part of the cost of healthcare fraud.

What should you do if you want to report fraud? First, read our Tips For Whistleblowers, [click here] which will help you decide how to choose a lawyer. If you want to discuss your case further, with one of our experienced whistleblower attorneys, you can request a completely private and confidential personal consultation with us. Just fill in the form located on the sidebar of this page and someone will call you. Our ss. Our Ann Arundel County healthcare fraud attorneys will help you make a decision about whether you have a case, how strong that case is, and how it can be made stronger. And, if you are considering reporting fraud to your employer, we will counsel you on how to do so in way that protects you, as well as the victims of fraud.

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